The Use of Armored Trucks for Transporting Valuables

Armored trucks or cars are popularly used for transporting high profile people from one place to another safely. Presidents, members of royal families, and even celebrities travelling in armored cars are a common sight these days. However, this is not all that armored cars are used for. Nowadays, especially protected trucks are used to transport valuable goods as well as large amounts of money between locations.

There are many reasons why these are considered to be safer than ordinary vehicles. The construction of these vehicles is very different from ordinary cars and trucks that are used by civilians. The body of the armored vehicle is made from the best grade steel and is impenetrable. Given below is a detailed discussion of why armored trucks are the best choice for moving valuables from one place to another:

armoured trucks

Bulletproof Body and Glass

The body of the armored truck is made keeping the security requirements in mind. The outer structure is constructed to be bulletproof and is lined with thick padding to protect the valuables and people inside even if the surface suffers damage. The raw materials used to build such cars are of top quality and are hardened to bear the brunt of any impact that may occur.

The body is bulletproof and the glass on the windows and the windshield cannot be shattered easily. This is because the glass is made up of several resistant layers. In fact, in extremely dire cases does the glass have a chance of breaking. All this ensures that whatever situation the truck has to go through, the valuables inside are kept safe at all costs.

Armed Guards

Apart from these security features, no valuable item or a large amount of money is transported in an armored truck without being accompanied by guards. They are trained and armed and know exactly what to do in the face of an emergency. These guards are skilled in combat and you can rest assured that with them present, no harm will come to the valuable item being transported.

Design Ensures Security

In order to provide the security that armored trucks boast of, the design of the vehicles is given special thought. A wide range of features are included so that no kind of outside impact harms the passengers or the valuables being transported. These vehicles can run on deflated tires for several miles. The front of the truck has steel grills and rams bumpers that can push and remove other vehicles on the way which might be blocking the road.

In the days of the past, when such vehicles were still in the planning phase, transportation of values was a hectic job. Large amounts of money or precious items such as jewelry, paintings etc. were packed in ordinary looking packages that were not likely to get undue attention. These were then entrusted to trustworthy individuals and the valuable was transported under the umbrella of absolute discretion. However, such secrecy is no longer required. Valuable, no matter how precious can be easily moved in armored trucks with assurance of unmatched security.

Get to Know About Credit Cards and Car Rental Insurance Companies in Toronto & Mississauga

If you are a traveller, you know that car rentals are unavoidable, but with it come its insurance. Often customers go for the most expensive insurance available thinking it will cover everything, but that is not always necessary. There are a number of other options, including travel cards. Mississauga Car Rental accepts any credit card coverage, there is always insurance available with your credit cards.

Car Rental in Toronto

Cards that provide insurance

There are a number of credit cards available that provide insurance for your rental car. You can also use these cards to partially pay the rental cost. Following are a few examples of the cards that you can use for this purpose:

  • American Express Cobalt Card- This card will cover damage as well as theft and provide MSRP of $85,000 for your rental. You can also pay the full cost of your rental car with this card. The coverage is of up to 48 days consecutively. Toronto car rental accepts this card.
  • Scotiabank Gold American Express- This has similar benefits as the previous one, like the coverage period of 48 days, and also making full payment of the rental but in addition it will also cover toeing charges, theft or damage charges etc.
  • BMO World Elite MasterCard Travel Insurance- The expenses covered by this card goes up to $65,000. This insurance will work in case of loss of vehicle, or its damage, including personal belongings, or injury resulting from accidents. Mississauga car rental says that for availing these offers you have to pay the cost of vehicle by this card. This card too covers a 48 days period.
  • American Express Gold Rewards Card- This card will cover the actual value of the vehicle in cash and also pay any valid damage charges, loss or theft charges. This card like all the cards already mentioned can be used pay the full price of the rental car or partial price as well. Toronto car rental says that this card too will cover a period of 48 days consecutively. This car will pay up to $85,000 and includes a variety of cars, from sports cars to minivans.

So this is clear to you that you need not avail of additional insurances when renting a car on your trip. Save yourself the extra costs and the ordeal of all the extra but unnecessary paperwork. Do your research and you will find that you are already insured. Moreover if you have a car of your own, and if it I insured, chances are that your rental will also be insured, according to Toronto car rental. So insure your rental wisely and pre plan everything.

If you are using your credit card insurance, regardless which type of card you have, you can avail of the benefits it provides. But make sure that you are allowed to decline the waiver of collision damage without depositing money. Also, before you say yes to the car, check it for signs of damage, so that you are not falsely blamed for causing damage to it.

Rent a Party Limo Bus for Easy Group Travel

Nowadays, people love to celebrate their special occasion with their near and dear ones.  If you are planning a night out with close friends, they can take the help of limo rental services. When hosting a party, you will have a big responsibility. In case, you don’t want to tread the same path and want to party in a different way, you are at the right place. You can hire, party limo bus rental services and host a beautiful party for your friends.

Limos Are the Best Option for Parties and Events

Everyone wants to party in style and in a sophisticated way. With a party limo bus, you can easily add a wow factor to your grand event or party. Hiring a party bus can allow you to offer your guests and friends a treat. While on the move you can dance and enjoy with your friends; while remaining safe. Well, hiring a limo bus can make the event even more memorable.

party bus rentals

Why Are Party Bus The Best Options?

There are many limo rental companies that can provide the riders with a great riding experience. However, you should choose a right limo service. For this, you need to do a proper research.

Limo buses come with comfortable seats that would allow the occupants to relax. The interior of the bus is very luxurious. It comes with minibar, disco lights, state-of-the-art stereo and audio systems, dancing poles, and so on. In fact, the limo buses are customized for maximum recreational purpose.

Carry a Lot of People

Party buses are usually large vehicles that are capable of carrying a lot of people. One of the things that you need to ask the party limo bus rental provider is the total number of people it can accommodate. Usually, the party buses can accommodate 20-50 people at a time, but some party buses can accommodate fewer people and offers more space for dancing or relaxing on the bus.

No Inattentive Drivingparty buses

Maybe your teen is planning to party with their friends. While your teen is responsible, his friends may not be as much responsible. Hiring a party bus or a limousine service can allow you to have peace of mind. With trained driver, your teenager child will remain in safe hands. Well, the trained driver will drive safely. You can sit back and relax or enjoy a drink while dancing.


Most of the party limo bus comes with a well-equipped bar and refrigerator. When you get tired, you can relax and have refreshing drinks and snacks. In fact, some limo rental providers offer food and drink package. However, before availing their service, it’s better to compare the prices.

Everyone Stay Together

When people are asked to meet at a particular point, often they get late. If you want to ensure it does not happen, you must hire a party limo bus. The driver will pick everyone and will ensure everyone reaches a destination on time.

It can be said that hiring a party bus is far more economical than taking tons of vehicles and spend a lot on gas mileage. Well, hiring a party bus can save a lot of your money and you can travel in a group.